Order conditions:

1. Acceptance of order and payment:

After your point cloud has been sent for internal laser engraving, you will be forwarded to the payment section. The purchase/order is only finalized when payment is made. If no payment is received from you, your point cloud will be erased after around 2 weeks.

2. Prices

Crystal 50*50*80 mm³ 39,90 €
Crystal 60*60*90 mm³ 49,90 €
Crystal 80*80*120 mm³ 89,90 €
Crystal 80*80*80 mm³ 69,90 €
Crystal 60*60*60 mm³ 39,90 €
Crystal 50*50*50 mm³ 34,90 €
Key holder 15,90 €

Packaging and shipping costs:

  Germany EU Global
  (DPD) (Exceptions look DHL.de) (DHL)
Crystal 50*50*80mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Crystal 60*60*90mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Crystal 80*80*120mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Crystal 80*80*80mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Crystal 60*60*60mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Crystal 50*50*50mm³ 5,30 10,- 20,-
Key holder 4,- 8,- 12,-

3. Delivery times

We start to produce your product immediately after payment has been received. The product will be shipped within 5 working days. The period for shipment depends on the above-mentioned shipping services and cannot be influenced by us.

4. Right of cancellation and return

Unlike the usual online transactions, we cannot grant you any right of return. The product is produced exclusively upon your instructions as a service. If the product should not be in accordance with your order, we will of course immediately rectify this defect. You expressly waive the right of cancellation with your payment.