... download and install the software (you need internet connection)

... register for free (the confirmation of registration can take up to 48h)

... and then create your own 3D-point-cloud model, in just 6 stages and around 2 minutes:

Export your 3D model from your 3D modelling software (e.g. 3DS-Max, Rhino, etc.), preferably in STL or DXF format.

Use the “Assistant” menu:

1. Open the 3D model
2. Select the preferred coordinates system
3. Select the preferred glass size
4. Convert the 3D model into a laser file
5. Store the file
6. Send the laser file

The contract only comes into effect when you have paid.

Brief instructions are available here: First steps

Video Tutorial: first steps

Additional features:

- Rotate the 3D model around a freely available perspective
- Free resizing
- Add texts
- and many more